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Pupil Premium

Mission Statement


At St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School;

we arise each day to learn, love and grow through Jesus.


Pupil Premium received in 2015/16 was £156,498.

                                              2016/17  was £161,908.

                                              2017/18  was £137,519.

                                              2018/19  was  £156,254.

The anticipated Pupil Premium for 2019/20 is £140,000.

The targeted and specific use of our Pupil Premium will help us in achieving our vision of the highest aspirations for all of our children.
At St Patrick’s we want to support all children who are disadvantaged or underachieving. We recognise that not all children on FSM are disadvantaged or underachieving and that some children who are disadvantaged or underachieving are not having FSM.
At St Patrick’s, we believe that children need to be emotionally receptive to learning. To this end, school has used the pupil premium to employ a Child and Family Worker whose role is to work with children and their families on a one to one basis, including in the home. (10% of Pupil premium funding) She also works with groups of parents to deliver programmes of support, e.g. Triple P, STEPS. The Sunshine Room is used to engage children in nurturing activities, to deliver programmes to develop social skills and behaviour management interventions.

The school also pays for a play therapist for one day each week, to work with individual children to support their emotional well-being. (4
% of Pupil premium funding)
It is imperative that children get off to a good start with their learning so a 'Learning to Learn' group has been established in both Nursery and Reception.  Throughout school, class sizes are small to support high quality first teaching.  TAs have been trained to deliver programmes that support children with additional strategies to support their individual learning needs. (83% of Pupil premium funding)
At St Patrick’s, we have a clear philosophy, we want to provide children with opportunities and experiences that they may not always have access to. We enhance our curriculum with subsidised visits to places of interest and invite visitors into school to extend the children’s range of experiences. The children in Year 6 also have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit. Pupil premium is used to ensure that all children who want to participate, are able to do so. (3% of Pupil premium funding)
The effectiveness of all these interventions is measured through assessments of individual pupils and careful tracking of the progress of individuals & groups of pupils.