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Cultural Development

Cultural Development at St Patrick’s


Children develop culturally at St Patrick’s by exploring, understanding and respecting diversity, participating and responding to cultural activities, preparing for life in modern Britain and understanding and appreciating personal influences.


The cultural development of pupils contributes to their ability to learn and achieve.


Opportunities for pupils to develop culturally are integrated throughout the curriculum and life of the school.


In RE, CW and the Catholic Life of the School:

*exploring similarities and differences between faiths and cultures.

*considering different cultural expressions of Christmas.

*learning about UK Saints, especially through celebration of these in collective worship.

*engaging with text, artefacts and other sources from different cultures and religious backgrounds.


In English:

*telling stories from their own cultures and backgrounds creating the idea that ‘everyone has a story to tell’

*providing opportunities for pupils to engage with texts from different cultures e.g. creation stories from around the world, myths and legends, poems from other cultures etc


In Maths

*asking questions about the history of maths:  for exampleWhat did the Greeks discover that we still use in maths today?’


In Science:

*asking questions about the ways in which scientific discoveries from around the world have affectedour lives.


In History:

*exploring the history of Wigan

*investigating how culture is shaped by history, exploring the cultural heritageand in particular theChristian

Influence on British culture.

*taking pupils on visits to landmarks in local area.


In Geography:

*making links with other countries through cultural theme days.

*exploring cultures that have had, and still have an impact on the UK


In computing:

*exploring human achievements and creativity in relation to worldwide communications

*developing a sense of awe and wonder at human ingenuity


In Art:

*experiencing a wide range of creative media from around the world.

*developing aesthetic and critical awareness at an age appropriate level.

*participating in a range of cultural opportunities eg gallery and theatre trips


In DT:

* considering cultural influences on design.

*asking questions about functionality vs aesthetics.


In Music

*encouraging pupils to listen and respond to traditions from around the world

*appreciating musical expression from different times and places

*giving pupils the opportunity to perform


In PE:

*learning about the history of sport and where they originate from

making links with national and global sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics

*exploring rituals surrounding sporting activities.


In drama:

*taking different roles from other backgrounds.

*using different dramatic conventions to encourage empathy.

*Whole School performance



*exploring how different cultures can offer great insights into how we lead our lives.



*appreciating the language and customs of others.

*exploring the literature and culture of other countries.

*taking part in cultural occasions


Cultural development doesn’t happen in isolation…it permeates all that we do.