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How will St. Patrick's support my child with transitions?

Transitions can be difficult for all children, but can be more difficult for a child with SEND.  At St. Patrick’s, we aim to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.


Starting Nursery

All children entering nursery are invited to attend a visit session with a parent.

Additional visits can be arranged if this is necessary to support your child with SEND.


Joining St. Patrick's from another school

Discussions will take place with the previous school to share strategies that best support your child.

Opportunity can be provided for you to visit school with your child prior to starting.   This visit can include a meeting with the SENCO if required.


Moving from one class to the next within school

At the end of the summer term, all children within school spend a day in their new class, with their new class teacher.

Additional arrangements can be made to support your child with SEND with transitions (including additional visits to new area of the school, time to meet staff within new area of school).


Moving to another school

We will contact the new school to inform them of any special arrangements to support your child with SEND

Where possible, a transition meeting will take place

We will ensure all records about your child's SEND are passed on as quickly as possible

For children moving to high school, a range of transition activities occur.  Additional transition visits can be requested if appropriate to support your child with additional needs.