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Phonics Scheme- Rocket Phonics


We use the Rocket Phonics Scheme which is a validated, systematic scheme that deeply embeds knowledge and skills from the start. It provides a balanced approach and focuses on blending for reading and segmenting for writing and spelling.


Staff have a strong passion for phonics which is reflected in the children’s love for literacy. Our children do well in the Phonics screening check and are keen, fluent readers by the end of Year 2.


At St Patrick’s we promote reading for pleasure and have numerous opportunities for the children to apply their phonics skills to explore and read different types of text. During weekly guided reading lessons, children read a Rocket Phonics phonetically decodable book based on their phonics knowledge.


One of the additional benefits of this phonics scheme is that parents and children are able to access the child-friendly, online resources from home, in addition to taking home a book to read for pleasure.