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The learning of a foreign language provides a valuable, educational, social, and cultural experience for the children. Children develop 'knowledge about language' and practise 'communication and language skills' that lay the foundations for future language learning strategies. They develop linguistic competence, extend their knowledge of how language works, and the differences between the language being taught and English.


Here at Saint Patrick's children have the opportunity to learn French as a Modern Foreign Language. Lessons are interactive and fun, with lots of songs, games and stories. All sessions follow a carefully planned Scheme of Work adapted and tailored from our core scheme 'La Jolie Ronde' as set out in the curriculum overview below. This ensures that we fully cover the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Modern Foreign Languages and provide a systematic progression of skills. 


Children begin to develop their knowledge of French at Year 3 and continue this throughout their Key Stage 2 journey. They are taught weekly with lessons that encompass the 3 main areas of learning a new language:  listening, speaking, and writing. Alongside this, we have four whole school theme days throughout the course of our academic year. 

The Three Is