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Welcome to Saint Patrick's Computing page.


At Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School, our children take great delight when given opportunities to learn, grow and develop through Computing.


It is important to know that Computing is not just the use of a computer, but also the use of other technology such as: mini laptops, programmable toys, digital recorders, calculators, cameras and iPads.  We are very lucky to have a vast amount of computing equipment within our school.  Our children take great pride in looking after all computing equipment, as they understand the importance of how these help and support their learning in all subjects and how Computing enhances our school curriculum.

Take a look at how our children use computing equipment across our school:




At Saint Patrick's, e-Safety is an integral part of our children's education and is embedded in their learning throughout their time at school.  Technology and the way in which our children engage with the internet is changing rapidly and as parents and educators, it is our role and responsibility to equip our children for the changing world and the demands that new technology brings. Therefore, it is our aim to ensure our children improve their own understanding of e-Safety issues so that they can learn to use the internet and all digital media in a safe and secure way.


Our children use the search engine KidRex to safely search the internet in school. 

To access KidRex, click the link below: