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Dan Edwardson

Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School



'We arise today, to learn, love and grow through Jesus.’



Name Mr Dan Edwardson


Type of Governor Staff Governor


Appointed on 9th May 2023


Term of office  4 Years


Pecuniary interests and relationships Mr Edwardson has no declarations of pecuniary interest. Mr Edwardson is a member of staff in school. He does not have a governance role in any other school.


Appointing body As a Staff Governor he was elected by the staff.


Specific responsibilities

  • Mr Edwardson is the Chair of the Leadership & Management Committee
  • Quality of Education Committee- He is link for School enhancements and voice of the child
  • Leadership and Management Committee- He is link for Safe and Sound
  • Admissions committee- Member of the admissions committee



As staff governor, I would like to become more involved in the development of Saint Patrick’s in its mission to remain outstanding. I am a committed, driven and reflective practitioner who is dedicated to ensuring that the forward-looking vision of the school is maintained successfully and consistently by all stakeholders. As staff governor, I  aim to represent the broad views and opinions of staff during meetings, whilst remaining impartial and confidential at all times. Using my knowledge of the school, I feel that I am able to demonstrate the ability to support the aims of the governing body from the perspective of a member of staff in achieving the best outcomes for the school, staff and children.