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Lunchtime School Meals


At St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School:

‘We arise today to learn, love and grow through Jesus.'


At Saint Patrick’s, we have decided that from September 2020 we will supply our own school lunchtime catering. Should your child require a hot or cold meal at lunch time, we will be able to provide this.


As a school, we want to ensure that all children are able to access quality home cooked style food that is nutritious, healthy and most of delicious.

Our school meals are cooked on the premises by our own catering team, led by our Catering Manager, Mrs Paula Disley.  Our menu is designed to provide a varied and healthy choice which means that your child can enjoy a tasty, healthy meal at a very fair cost and without the fuss of making packed lunches, should you wish. We also cater for alternative dietary needs including vegetarian and gluten free.


We believe that school meals give your child a real appetite for learning and help them to achieve their full potential. In addition to eating a nutritious meal, your child learns the essential skills of using cutlery and eating as part of a family group. 


You may decide to swap between providing a lunch for your child and paying for a school meal. Both choices are fine and school lunches can be ordered on a daily basis rather than a full week.