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3 - 4 Year Olds

*Select and use activities and resources, with help when needed. This helps them to achieve a goal they have chosen, or one which is suggested to them.

*Develop their sense of responsibility and membership of a community.

*Become more outgoing with unfamiliar people, in the safe context of their setting.

*Show more confidence in new social situations.

*Play with one or more other children, extending and elaborating play ideas.

*Find solutions to conflicts and rivalries. For example, accepting that not everyone can be Spider-Man in the game, and suggesting other ideas.

*Increasingly follow rules, understanding why they are important.

*Remember rules without needing an adult to remind them.

*Develop appropriate ways of being assertive.

*Talk with others to solve conflicts.

*Talk about their feelings using words like ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ or ‘worried’.

*Understand gradually how others might be feeling.

*Be increasingly independent in meeting their own care needs, e.g. brushing teeth, using the toilet, washing and drying their hands thoroughly.

*Make healthy choices about food, drink, activity and toothbrushing.