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Walk with Me Group

Jesus taught us to try our best to follow in His footsteps.  We can do this in different ways, for example by helping others.


In school, we have established a group of children, called the ‘Walk With Me’ Group.  As a member of our ‘Walk with Me’ Group, children will play an important role within our Catholic School Community, thinking about how to live out our school's Mission Statement (both within school and within the wider community) so that we can all “Learn, Love and Grow through Jesus.”


If you have any questions about the Walk with Me Group, please speak to either Mr. Marshall, Miss Tracey or Mrs Tennant.

Our 2022/2023 Walk with Me Group

Walk with Me Timetable 2022/2023


September 2022

Walk with Me Group will be advertised in Years 4, 5 and 6.


October 2022
Walk with Me Nominations to open. All children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will be eligible to apply for the Group.


November 2022

Walk with Me elections. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will vote for their members


December 2022

The group will begin to meet, twice a month, to complete actions around the school. 

July 2023: Promoting the Walk with Me Group to Year 3 to attract new members next year

June 2023: Promoting Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Focus Tables, Competitions and Art Work

May 2023: Marian Focus Tables across the School

April 2023: Easter Focus Tables and promoting Devotions to Divine Mercy

March 2023: Lent Focus Tables and Reflections about Our School's Patron

February 2023: Prayer Focus Area in the Foyer (The Holy Family) and delivering Lenten Reflections

January 2023: Establishing new and refreshing existing Prayer Stations across the School and Foyer Prayer Area (The Holy Name of Jesus)

December 2022: Advent Reflections and Foyer Prayer Area (Prepare the Way)