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Wellbeing & Mental Health


We believe that paying more attention to the present moment - your own thoughts and feelings and to the natural world around you, can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Having this awareness is known as "mindfulness". Being accepting of the past, mindful of the present and hopeful for the future can help us to enjoy life more and guide us to understand our own thoughts and feelings better. Having a sense of "mindfulness" is proven to help children focus and can be helpful when used as a way to "calm down". We believe that our sense of wellbeing can be affected by our holistic health including our physical and emotional health.



As a nurturing community, we are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our pupils, families and staff members. We consider that in order for our community to flourish and thrive we need to create and maintain an atmosphere of high expectations underpinned by the promotion of core values such as tolerance, love, forgiveness and respect. We believe that interactions in a friendly and happy school environment will enable a positive mindset to be achieved. With this in mind, we know that everyone can experience challenges that can make us vulnerable and at times ANYONE may need additional emotional support. We believe that it is the role of the school community to support and promote a positive mental health in order to ensure that parents can play the crucial role as the first educators, children achieve and staff develop. We place a great emphasis on a vibrant home/school relationship based on trust, understanding and clear communication.



Our role in school is to ensure that members of our community feel safe and happy and are able to manage their thoughts and feelings during times of stress. We would like our children to feel supported to reach their potential and feel confident in the knowledge that they are able to access help when they need it. Children are taught when to seek help, by whom and also to have an understanding of what help is available to them no matter what age and stage they are learning at. Targeted provision ensures that our community members: children, staff and families, have access to support by our child and family support worker Mrs. McLeod, pastoral manager Mrs. Barry and children may also access smaller group teaching and therapeutic activities with our provision teaching lead Mrs. Brown. 


We consider that the key elements to supporting good mental health is... 

with this in mind we base our Mental Health and Wellbeing curriculum with a holistic approach in mind.





 St. Patrick's has been awarded with the...

for Mental Health Standards in schools!