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How does St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School support the progress of pupils with additional needs?


Our Mission Statement:


At St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School;

we arise each day to learn, love and grow through Jesus.


At St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School, we aim to offer excellence and choice to all of our children, whatever their ability or needs.  We have high aspirations for all of our children.  We aim to achieve these high expectations through the removal of barriers to learning and participation.  We want all of our children to feel that they are a valued part of our school community.  Through appropriate curricular provision, we respect the fact that children:

  • have different education and behaviour needs and aspirations.
  • require different strategies for learning.
  • acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates.
  • need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences.



Read our SEN policy for further information