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All children at St. Patrick's engage in Music making every week. They are encouraged to explore sounds at all levels of school life. 

Children compose their own music based on their cross-curricular topics, drawing on the elements of music. They are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings through music. They also learn about rhythm and pitch, improvisation, compose their own tunes and songs, and listen to music from a range of places and cultures. 

Every week, children sing together hymn within collective worship sessions and also regularly in music lessons. They sing songs from Music Express as well as modern songs and classic music. 


St. Patrick's has a strong choir of 26 enthusiastic and committed children. We took part in Young Voices in Manchester in February.

Sunshine House


In December 2016, the choir children performed in front of the residents at Sunshine House. Our choir loved the experience of performing to a small audience which was in the local community.  


Christmas performance


At Christmas time, the choir play a large part within the Christmas productions. As well as having to learn their class songs and 'Young Voices' songs; they learn and take the lead in singing Christmas carols to parents and carers for the infants and junior performances.