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Curriculum Enhancement

Enhancing our Curriculum

We have worked hard to enhance our curriculum with as many trips and visitors as possible. We believe that children learn best through experience and an enhanced curriculum is a quality curriculum. Due to the location of our school and high number of pupil premium children we have discovered that many of our children do not have the simple experiences and chances to experience that others do. So we have invested Pupil premium money to support those children where possible to gain those life changing experiences.


Some Examples of Curriculum Enhancement


  • Zoo lab- Y2/3 and Y6, Science links to living things animals and their habitat.
  • Bowland Farm- Nursery to Y6, Science links to living things and PSHE&C looking after animals.
  • King Fisher Education Reception & Y1-Science links Recyclable materials.
  • Electricity workshop-
  • Tesco local store- tasting foods/ where does our food come from/ healthy eating.


  • Wigan Heritage Centre- World War 2 evacuee workshop- History focus.
  • Wigan Heritage
  • Roman Visitor- Y2 and Y3 day as a Roman Centurion, dressing up, pottery work, training as a soldier.
  • tempest Fudgit- Reception and Y1-


  • Mr Cohen Judaism visitor- Multicultural link- R.E other faiths .


  • Haighall- Y6 Geography focus children looking at local habitats and physical and human features.
  • Maypole pit/ Wigan Herritage Centre- Mining, loactions of mines in the local area past and present.
  • King Fisher Education- Y 2 and Y3 - Water cycle, where does water come from and conserving water.


  • Play in a day - Y3 no name calling
  • Multicultural week with a focus on Hinduism - dancing, Rangoli patterns, food, henna.
  • Play in a day - Y5
  • Ten Ten Theatre- Rec-Y6


  • Mosaic artist- Children from Reception to Y6 - children worked with artist on 3d mosaic artwork for school.


  • Latics Literacy-
  • Ian Bland- Y4 and Y5 - Poet comes to work with the children
  • Visit to local library- Rec/Y1/Y4/Y5