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Year 6 in Action

Here you will find photographs and videos of Y6 in action throughout the course of the year.




Art Week - This is Me.

Art week - This is Me

During art week, the children learnt all about Frida Kahlo. We studied her self-portraits and surrealism. The children learnt how to section a face to ensure that features are in proporation and create surreal backgrounds that revealed aspects of their personality. Finally, the children created self-portraits in Frida's style using water colours. 


"I loved art week because I love drawing and I learnt new drawing skills. I love using water colours and I learnt all about Friday Kahlo."


"I loved art week because I learnt skills to draw and paint better self-portraits. I loved learning about Frida Kahlo and how she taught herself to paint when she was ill in hospital." 

Music Theme Day - Happy by Pharrell Williams

Music Themem Day - Happy by Pharrell Wiliams


During our music theme day, the children studied the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We identified the style indicators of pop/ neo soul and described the musical elements within the song. We then used a 'Quick beats' to compose our own track based on a feeling. We explored the effect of changing the tempo and kit to create different versions of our track. Finally we composed a versr for our track before perfoming it. 


"I loved learning to use Quickbeats for the first time and composing my own track." 


"I really enjoyed our music theme day because i learnt all about the song 'Happy'. I loved exploring the theme of feelings and creating music to represent them. It was a brilliant day and I really enjoyed being creative."


"I loved music theme day because it was so different from other theme days we have done. We used laptops to create a track, which was really cool because it is normally only music professionals who do that." 

Year 6 Bikeability 

This week Year 6 have taken part in bikeability training. They have been taught: how to ride safely on the roads; how to use hand signals; how to travel in and out of junctions and how to to keep themselves and others safe.