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Year 6 in Action

Here you will find photographs and videos of Y6 in action throughout the course of the year.




Art Week - This is Me.

Art week - This is Me

During art week, the children learnt all about Frida Kahlo. We studied her self-portraits and surrealism. The children learnt how to section a face to ensure that features are in proporation and create surreal backgrounds that revealed aspects of their personality. Finally, the children created self-portraits in Frida's style using water colours. 


"I loved art week because I love drawing and I learnt new drawing skills. I love using water colours and I learnt all about Friday Kahlo."


"I loved art week because I learnt skills to draw and paint better self-portraits. I loved learning about Frida Kahlo and how she taught herself to paint when she was ill in hospital." 

Music Theme Day - Happy by Pharrell Williams

Music Themem Day - Happy by Pharrell Wiliams


During our music theme day, the children studied the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We identified the style indicators of pop/ neo soul and described the musical elements within the song. We then used a 'Quick beats' to compose our own track based on a feeling. We explored the effect of changing the tempo and kit to create different versions of our track. Finally we composed a versr for our track before perfoming it. 


"I loved learning to use Quickbeats for the first time and composing my own track." 


"I really enjoyed our music theme day because i learnt all about the song 'Happy'. I loved exploring the theme of feelings and creating music to represent them. It was a brilliant day and I really enjoyed being creative."


"I loved music theme day because it was so different from other theme days we have done. We used laptops to create a track, which was really cool because it is normally only music professionals who do that." 

Year 6 Bikeability 

This week Year 6 have taken part in bikeability training. They have been taught: how to ride safely on the roads; how to use hand signals; how to travel in and out of junctions and how to to keep themselves and others safe.

Math's Investigator Day


During our Maths investigator, the children were set secret missions through out the day to help solve 'The Case of the VIP Party'. The children completed various missions all revolving around the mathematical area of measure. The children explored: area and perimeter; converting miles to KM; volume and capacity and variety of problem soling and reasoning activities, involving all four operations. 

Music Theme Day - A New Year's Carol

Music theme day - A New's Carol


During our theme day, we listened and evaluated the A New's Carol by Benjamin Britten. We compared this original version with the New Gospel Version. Once we were familiar with the songs, we then learned to sign and perform the song together. 



Social Responsibility Day - Finite Planet, Finite Resources

Social Responsibility Day 


For this theme day, the children spent the whole day exploring water as a resource. We started off looking at the bottled water industry and negative impact this has on the world. We looked in detail at how plastic bottles are made and identified more sustainable alternatives. Together, we explored how we can look after the water we have available to us. We then explored whether people around the world have the same access to water as we do and identified who can help these countries. 

Social Responsibility Day - What the Ocean Gives Us

Social Responsibility Day - What the ocean gives us.


During our theme day we explored the ecosystems of the ocean. We explored the three different ecosystem services the ocean provides us - provisioning, regulating and cultural. 

We explored how these ecosystems enrich the lives of people who live near them. We also looked at how we are affecting these ecosystems and causing damage to them.