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Year 5 in Action

Autumn 1 Music Day: Livin’ on a Prayer.

In our Autumn 1 Music Day, we explored the rock classic ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. We listened to and evaluated the song before learning how to sign it. We then celebrated what we had learned in our Music Learning Journals. We enjoyed performing for the whole school in our Teams’ assembly.

"I enjoyed learning the sign language for the song!" Sophie


"We used our body to makes sounds in time with the backbeat of the song and in the same tempo." Dawny


"I think you would play the song when you are having a bad day and are feeling low on confidence." Lily

Art Week – ‘This is Me’

Our first art week focused on self-portraits. We began our topic by learning who Leonardo Da Vinci was and why he was famous during the Renaissance. We explored his paintings and drawings and identified how he used perspective and composition in his artwork. We explored his drawing style and colour choice and then created our own self-portrait in that style.  

"We used shading, hatching and curved hatching to create a self-portrait in the style of Leonardo da Vinci." Kaan


"Da Vinci created lots of religious paintings like The Last Supper" Jacob


"I used different darker colours for my background, like da Vinci did." Isabella