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Year 5 in Action

We Remember - Museum Trip

As part of our 'We Remember' theme week, we visited the Museum of Wigan Life. During our morning at the museum, we took part in two activities. The first activity involved us taking part in a learning trail around the museum, exploring different aspects of Wigan life during the WW1. Following this, we worked in groups and had to explore a variety of sources - including photographs, drawings and newspapers- to answer different questions about how the war impacted the people of Wigan.

Geography Topic - Exploring Brazil

During our 'Exploring Brazil' topic, we learnt where Brazil was located and which countries and oceans surround. We explored the Physical geography of Brazil and compared the different regions. We learnt why the Amazon Rainforest is so important and what factors are threatening it. We explored the urbanisation of Brazil and why people were choosing to move to Cities. Finally, we learnt about the culture of Brazil and took part in year group quiz.

Computing Topic - Coding

During our coding topic, we learnt how to design and write programmes that can simulate a physical system, for example kicking a ball. We also designed and created competitive games, which required us to add variables and if statements.   

Christmas Around the World

During our Christmas Around the World topic, we looked how Christmas is celebrated in India. We learnt how to write Christmas messages in the different languages that are spoken in India. We made and decorated traditional star lanterns that are hung throughout the streets. We also compared the similarities and differences of celebrating Christmas in England and India. We discovered families still walk to Midnight Mass but instead of using traditional Christmas trees people decorate mango and banana trees.

History - Who were the Vikings?

During our ‘Vikings’ topic, we learnt what life was like in Britain before the ‘Vikings’. We explored why the Vikings decided to invade Britain and how they settled in the country. We looked at how Vikings lived their daily lives and what legacy they left. We learnt about why King Alfred the Great was so great and also how Britain became a unified country.  

We Remember the Blitz - Composing Music

During our 'We Remember' theme week, we focused on the Blitz. During one of our sessions, we composed a piece of music that illustrated what life was like before, during and after the Blitz. We considered dynamics, tempo and timbre in our pieces. We then performed our pieces and discussed them.

Judaism Week

During Judaism week, we learnt about the key features of worship in Judaism and the importance of prayer. We looked at how Passover is celebrated and the importance of the Sedar plate. We explored the significance of the food eaten at Passover and what they represent.

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Art Week – A sense of place

This art week was linked to our Exploring Rivers’ topic. For this topic we explored a variety of artists and looked at the different styles they use. We learnt the ways artists create perspective in their artwork and how the use scale accurately. We planned and finally painted our own river inspired landscape and used reflection within our compositions.

Art Week - This is me

Our first art week focused on self-portraits. We began our topic by learning who Leonardo Da Vinci was and why he was famous during the Renaissance. We explored his paintings and drawings and identified how he used perspective and composition in his artwork. We explored his drawing style and colour choice and then created our own self-portrait in that style.  

D&T week – Building Bridges

During our ‘Building Bridges’ topic. We explored bridges are strengthened through various methods. We investigated what shape beams provide the greatest support, how arches can add strength and how suspension methods allow bridges to travel long distances. Using all of our new knowledge we designed and built our bridge.

D&T week – Textiles

During this D&T week, we focused our learning on textiles. We investigated where clothes are made and they are fastened together. We then got to practise hand sewing and learnt a variety of stiches. We explored drawing pattern pieces and how they could be put together. Finally, we combined this learning to create a fabric phone cases for Mother’s Day.