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Year 5 in Action

Autumn 2 Music Day: Classroom Jazz.

In our Autumn 2 Music Day, we explored different classic Jazz songs, such as 'Free Note Bassa'. We listened to and evaluated the song before learning how to use the online recorder to compose our own piece. We then celebrated what we had learned in our whole school Microsoft Teams assembly.


Remembrance: We Remember

As part of our 'We Remember' theme weeks, we explored the effect of the war on Wigan. We looked at the Battle of Britain, Radar and the Blitz. We enjoyed making mosaic poppy tiles and writing in role of a Blitz witness.


“I enjoyed learning about the different planes” – Dawny

“I’d never heard of Radar before” – Hannah

“I found making the mosaic tile peaceful and a way to remember” – Ella

PSHE Theme Day: October 2020 – Fulfilled Lives

We completed a PSHE Themed Day based on ‘Fulfilled Lives’. We discussed what we thought wealth was, its role in our lives and responsible spending.


“You can be wealthy in lots of ways, not just financially” – Alix

“What I considered important may not be the same as somebody else but that’s ok” – Jayden

“It is important to be a responsible spender so you don’t get into any debt” – Teghan.

Wellbeing Walk

Each break time, we enjoy a Wellbeing Walk within the local area. Accompanied by Year 5 staff, we follow a route that allows us to practise walking safely on main road pavements and grow increasingly familiar with the locality. Passing pedestrians have positively commented on our behaviour on these walks.


“I enjoy walking and socialising” – Lily

“The walk is part of my daily exercise” – Toby

“It’s a time to switch off and focus on yourself” - Jack

Supporting local charities: ‘The Brick’.

We support various fundraising efforts such as collecting food for ‘The Brick’; a dedicated local charity working to eradicate homelessness and poverty.  The photograph below shows the generosity of our families, including those in Y5, during our October collection and Harvest celebrations.


“I brought in tins of food such as beans” – Oliver

“I can’t believe how much food we collected!” – Matilda

“I will try to support ‘The Brick’ by putting something in the box at Tesco” – Tee-Jay

Visiting Poet: Andy Tooze

We were visited by the acclaimed children’s poet, Andy Tooze, who performed some of his published poems for us. We learnt lots of different poetic features, styles and devices before creating, editing and performing poems of our own. We compiled these poems into two class anthologies.


“The twenty word poems challenged me to be creative” – Eva

“I feel proud that I’ve created, edited and published a poem of my own” – Sophie

“I enjoyed learning about and using onomatopoeia” – Kaan

Judaism Week

During Judaism week, we learnt about the key features of worship in Judaism and the importance of prayer. We looked at how Passover is celebrated and the importance of the Sedar plate. We explored the significance of the food eaten at Passover and what they represent.


“I learnt that a Synagogue to a Jew is the same as a Church to a Catholic” – Cassidy

“I enjoyed creating and decorating my Sedar plate” – Jayden

“It was interesting anaylsing the different Jewish prayers” – Oliver

Computing Topic - Coding

During our coding topic, we learnt how to design and write programmes that can simulate a physical system, for example kicking a ball. We also designed and created competitive games, which required us to add variables and ‘if’ statements.   


“I enjoyed using 2code” – Filip

“I created an algorithm and then debugged it successfully” – Charlie

“I found it difficult to manipulate different variables at first” – Ruo

Geography Topic - Exploring Brazil

During our 'Exploring Brazil' topic, we learnt where Brazil was located and which countries and oceans surround. We explored the Physical geography of Brazil and compared the different regions. We learnt why the Amazon Rainforest is so important and what factors are threatening it. We explored the urbanisation of Brazil and why people were choosing to move to Cities. Finally, we learnt about the culture of Brazil and took part in year group quiz.


“I learned about deforestation and the effects it has on various groups” – Philander

“The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world” – Isabella

“Pull factors are positive and push factors are negative” – Matilda

Autumn 1 Music Day: Livin’ on a Prayer.

In our Autumn 1 Music Day, we explored the rock classic ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. We listened to and evaluated the song before learning how to sign it. We then celebrated what we had learned in our Music Learning Journals. We enjoyed performing for the whole school in our Teams’ assembly.

"I enjoyed learning the sign language for the song!" Sophie


"We used our body to makes sounds in time with the backbeat of the song and in the same tempo." Dawny


"I think you would play the song when you are having a bad day and are feeling low on confidence." Lily

Art Week – ‘This is Me’

Our first art week focused on self-portraits. We began our topic by learning who Leonardo Da Vinci was and why he was famous during the Renaissance. We explored his paintings and drawings and identified how he used perspective and composition in his artwork. We explored his drawing style and colour choice and then created our own self-portrait in that style.  

"We used shading, hatching and curved hatching to create a self-portrait in the style of Leonardo da Vinci." Kaan


"Da Vinci created lots of religious paintings like The Last Supper" Jacob


"I used different darker colours for my background, like da Vinci did." Isabella