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Handwriting in Y3


In year 3 we begin by:

  • Consolidating joins taught in Year 2
  • Teaching main letter joins: in, ine, ut, ute, ve, vi, ok, oh, you, oi
  • Joining to and from letters:
  • s: sh, as, es
  • r: ri, ru, ry, er, ir, ur
  • a: oa, ad, as, ai  (with ascender eg h/descenders eg y): ha, ta, fa, al, ay, ag
  • e: ee, ea, ed, (practicing horizontal join to e): re, oe, fe
  • o: ow, ov, os, (with ascenders eg l /descenders eg g): ot, ol, ok, og, od
  • y: ky, hy, ly
  • u: fu, wu, vu (practicing horizontal join to u)