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At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we use the Focus English Writing Scheme to support our coverage of the National Curriculum’s statutory objectives. To support our handwriting, we use the Letter-join scheme daily which children can also access at home. Each half term, we use a different book as our Focus text and from these we practise a range of literary skills and styles. 


Our Focus Texts this year are:

Autumn 1: The Egyptian Cinderella;

Autumn 2: Wind in the Willows;

Spring 1: Escape from Pompeii;

Spring 2: The Pied Piper;

Summer 1: The Promise;

Summer 2: The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

Ongoing Throught the Year:


Autumn 1: The Egyptian Cinderella


Egyptian Cinderella

Autumn 2: The Wind in the Willows

Spring 1: Escape from Pompeii


Spring 2: The Pied Piper


Summer 1: The Promise


Summer 2: The Incredible Book Eating Boy