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Working in the Home Corner/Role Play/Construction Area

Home Corner

Henry needs a plate!
Emma in the kitchen.
Taila and Zhelly working together.
Talking about what they need to set the table.
Great team work girls!
Ella preparing a hotdog for Talia.
Talia enjoying her hotdog.
Talia is happy with her hotdog. Thank you Ella.
A very happy Lilly in the kitchen.
Lilly made Lacey a burger. Is it good Lacey?

Construction Area


Jessica building a giraffe.
The giraffe has a very long neck!


The Garage and Cars

The Nursery children love to play with our Christmas present off Father Christmas.

Using 2 Simple Software ...

Selecting colours.
Creating patterns.
Using lines to draw on the computer.
Working together to create a picture.