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Summer 2

Week 1 - Move it, Move it


This week we have been learning all about keeping fit and healthy. We have explored different types of exercises in our outdoor gym and talked about the types of exercises we enjoy doing the most. We have also observed what happens to our bodies before, during and after exercise.

Week 2 - At the Seaside


This week we have been learning all about the Seaside. We have talked about the seaside and what we might see there. We have talked about our trips to the seaside and all the fun things we did when we were there. We have enjoyed creating pictures of the seaside in the Creative Area and we have enjoyed exploring the Seaside Shop in the Maths Area.

Week 3 - Celebrating Summer


This week we have been learning all about Summer. We have talked about what happens in summer and what happens to the weather. We have also talked about how we can stay safe in summer by wearing sun hats, sunglasses, sun cream and drinking lots of water.

Week 4 - Ice Creams


This week we have been learning all about Ice Creams. We have talked about different flavours of ice cream and which flavour is our favourite. We have enjoyed exploring the ice cream truck in the Role Play where we have taken on the role of the ice cream person making and selling the ice creams and the role of customers buying the ice cream.

Week 5 - Festival Fun


This week we have been exploring our topic Festival Fun. The children have enjoyed decorating their own biscuits and taking part in various festival games. We also enjoyed our own festival party where we had part food and took part in some dancing.

Week 6 - Holidays


This week we have been learning all about Holidays. We have talked about the holidays we have been on, where we have been and what activities we did whilst we were on holiday. We also learned the song 'We're All Going on a Summer Holiday'.