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Spring 2


We will begin the half term by completing the topic 'Giving and receiving' where we will look at the joys that giving to each other can bring and explore the Sacrement of Holy Communion.  Our second topic is  'Self Discipline' and we will look at Lent as a time for self discipline, the stations of the cross and The Resurrection.


In Spring 2 the Y4 topic is 'World Cities'. This is a geography based topic.  Over the half term we will look at the differences between villages, towns and cities and we will focus on different cities of the world.


The next topic in Science is 'electricity'. In this topic we will cover ~circuits, scientific diagrams abnd we will conduct fair tests. 


This half term the children will be focusing on landcsape art. We will look at persepective, colour and tones andcreate landscapes of world cities.


This half term we will be focusing on pitch. We will use music from around the world to learn about pentatonic melodies, syncopated rhythms and learn that the fundamental dimensions of music are the same all over the world.


Our next computing topic is 'Using the internet'. We will be looking at how we use search engines, how to copy and paste text and using tabbed browsing,


During Spring 2 we will be covering our 'Gym fit Circuits' and 'Striking and fielding' topics. These cover a range of ball game skills such as cricket, basketball, netball etc. and we will talk about how a fitness circuit can be set up using a variety of these games.


This half term Y4 will cover decimals, negative numbers, addition, subraction and Geometry (2D shapes)

Writing (including SPAG)

This half term we will be begin a 'Talk for writing' program. We will writing a 'Conquering the monster' tale and an Instructional text.


Guided reading and independent comprehension this half term will support our work in writing so we will read a range of non- fiction books and 'Conquering a monster' tales. Children will also continue to read their own accelerated reading book, both in school and at home