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Spring 2

Week 1 - Flowers


This week we have been learning all about Flowers. We have explored a Florist in the Maths Area where we have been selling and buying a variety of flowers. We have painted gardens in the Creative Area and we have created some flower printing using flower shaped cutters. We have also created our own gardens in the Construction Area using the Lego blocks and Interstar.

Week 2 - Books


This week we have been exploring a variety of books for World Book Day. We focussed on two stories throughout the week; Jack and the Beanstalk and James and the Giant Peach. We took part in lots of fun activities around these two books. 

On World Book Day we came in dressed as our favourite characters and talked about why we cam dressed as that character. 

Week 3 - Shamrocks


This week we have been learning about Shamrocks. We learned about St.Patricks Day and why we celebrate this day. We also learned about what the Shamrock symbolises. We coloured our own shamrocks and made our own St.Patricks Day paper chain.

On St.Patricks Day we created our own hats, did some dancing and enjoyed a cake for our afternoon snack. We then took part in a Virtual Collective Worship from Father O'Shea.


Week 4 - Spring


This week we have been learning about Spring. We have explored our Nursery Garden for signs of Spring by going on a Spring Hunt. We have enjoyed painting flowers and animals that we may see in spring. We have also created our own blossom trees using cardboard, paint and tissue paper.

Week 5&6- Easter


This week we have been learning about Easter. We have taken part in lots of activities related to Easter. We have explored the Easter Story and talked about what happened on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We have been on an Easter Egg Hunt in the Nursery Garden, we have enjoyed creating eggs in the Creative Area, we have explored the Easter Story in the Small World Area and in the Maths Area we have been counting eggs and feeding the rabbit carrots.