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Spring 2

Week 1 - Flowers


This week we have been learning all about Flowers. We have explored a Florist in the role play area where we have been selling and buying a variety of flowers. We have painted gardens in the Creative Area and we have completed some observational drawings of flowers. We have also created our own gardens in the Construction Area using the wooden blocks and Interstar.

Week 2 - Books


This week we have been learning all about The Hungry Caterpillar for World Book Day. We watched the story and then helped to make the different food from the story. We also ordered the story using pictures.

On World Book Day we came in dressed as our favourite characters. 

Week 3 - Shamrocks


This week we have been learning about Shamrocks. We learned about St.Patricks Day and why we celebrate this day. We also learned about what the Shamrock symbolises. We coloured our own shamrocks and made our own St.Patricks Day paper chain.

On St.Patricks Day we went on a leprechaun hunt to find the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. We also had a Collective Worship where we held a prayer and listened to Mrs Docherty reading it.


Week 4 - Spring - New Life


This week we have been learning about Spring. We have explored the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and talked about the beanstalk growing. We have explored the characters from the story in the Role Play Area. We have explored the outdoor area by looking at signs of new life, looking at the flowers and the trees. We have also planted our own Sunflower seed and taken it home to look after it and watch it grow.