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Spring 2

Magnificent Monarchs- Spring 2



During this term the children will be writing a 'Tale of Fear', based on the story ’Can't you sleep Little Bear?'. They will create a story map which will help them learn the tale off by heart. This will help them to create their own 'Tale of Fear', using this as a guide.



During this term the children will be recapping how to record measures, and using appropriate units of measurement. They will be learning multiplication and division using concrete resources. The children will also be recapping fractions and learn more about quarters. The children will also be looking at positional language ending that week on a treasure hunt, creating a treasure hunt themselves, so they understand the importance of mathematical vocabulary within every day contexts.

The children will end the term by looking at measures and time.



The first topic is 'Meals'; the children will look at the celebration of Eucharist and God's love in our lives. They will discuss the symbolism of Eucharist Mass and what it represents.

The second topic is 'Change' and this will include a discussion of Lent, explaining that it is the time in which to prepare for Easter. This is a necessary part of healthy growth as Catholics.



The children will be learning about different animals. They will compare the bodies of animals as well learning to classify types of common animals; such as birds, fish, mammals, invertebrates. They will also look at classify animals by what they eat and put information into tables or charts to show the similarities and differences. The children will then be able to discuss why certain animals have certain characteristics.



Children will look at using Beebots in their ICT lessons. This is a programmable toy that they can learn to move around a map. They will use simple instructions to begin with, but build up to planning, recording and testing a more complex route around their map.



This term the children have FA Football trainer Chris Hurst is helping them to develop their ball skills whilst learning how to use the space around them safely. He will demonstrate these skills and the children will learn to kick the ball in different ways and to move with control and care.


The children will be looking at the different monarchs we have had. They will create a timeline before discussing our current queen. They will then use the history of monarchs to learn about who will succeed our queen and how the succession works. The children will learn about Queen Victoria and how she made children's lives better, looking at children working in mines and chimneys and Victorian Schools. The children will discuss how it is different to today. The children will make comparisons between their lives and other children in history, but also a variety of objects from the past compared to similar objects in modern day society.


D & T and Art

In Art, the children will create Mother's Day Cards, using oil pastels to make their own designs choosing colours. They will create their own Picasso style portrait of their photo.  During D & T the children will create and design their own Easter baskets.



Through music lessons this term, the children will be trying to create a sequence of sounds using instruments of their choice. They will have to give reasons for choosing those instruments. The children will then have to make representations of those sounds through use of pictures.  Finally, they will use their pictures to sequence the sounds.