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Spring 1

The British Empire


During this topic, we will learn about the British Empire and its impact on Britain and the world at the time as well as the legacy it left. We will be introduced to the countries brought under the influence of the Empire and the people it affected. We will look closely at the history of our local area and visit Liverpool Museum - exploring world cultures and their influence on Britain.


During D&T we will prepare for the production of a summer salad. We will set out to grow our own products with a view to making a salad, taking into account the amount of time required to grow specific vegetables. We will research how to sow different vegetables and use maths to consider the time constraints we ought to work in. We will explore how our product must be stored and plan a design of our salad so that it is suitable for production and sale. We must consider our target audience and uses maths to work within budgets.


In reading we will continue to consolidate our key skills such as: fact retrieval, inference, word meaning and summarising. We will also practise justifying our opinions via point evidence explain.


In writing we will create an information text to support our cross curricular topic. Through narrative writing we will explore a tale of fear.


During maths we will revise fractions and percentages, geometry and measures.


In science we will explore all living things. We will explore classification; classify the five kingdoms of all living things by their observable characteristics. We will explore subdividing their original groupings and will write an explanation text to explain their divisions. We will write a scientific report explaining why classification is important.


In sports we will become gymnasts.