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Spring 1


Our new topic is ‘The Vikings’. Your project for this topic is based on art and design. You can choose any area of The Vikings to research and present your findings in the most creative way you can. Some ideas might be:

  • A Viking ship

  • A shield

  • Portraits of Famous Vikings

  • A recording of a Viking Saga

  • An item of Viking Clothing

You will find information and more ideas on these websites:!-craft/



Although projects only have to be completed by the above date, we do suggest that you work on your project every week. Below is a timetable to help you to manage your project successfully (please note, these dates are guidelines only- projects will only be checked during the week of the above date, not on a weekly basis).


Week 1: Research ‘The Vikings’ and Viking crafts. Start to note down facts and crafts that interest you. Using your research, decide what you want to base your project on. Continue to research your chosen area in more detail.


Week 2: Choose what you want to create. Design it on paper and make a list of anything you may need to make it (you may need to start saving empty boxes, etc). Begin to make your craft.

Weeks 3 and 4: Make your model/ painting/outfit, etc.

Week 5: Write a fact page to accompany your creation.

Week 6: Put the finishing touches to your creation and fact page.


Your project should:

  • Be your own work (help from parents is fabulous and encouraged but the project is yours).

  • Be accompanied by a fact page explaining the reasons/ history/ background to your project.

  • NOT be pages printed directly/ copied straight from the Internet/ books (these are brilliant for research but please write in your own words).

  • Be fun and reflect all the hard work you have done in school.


  • Projects should be complete and in school to share and celebrate by:

    Monday 12th February 2018