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Spring 1

Week 1 - Dinosaurs

This week we learned about Pre-historic Creatures, Dinosaurs. The children explored the different characteristics of the Dinosaurs and shared the Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School Story. The children made a Dinosaur Park in the outdoors and had fun drawing lots of different dinosaurs and talking about what their dinosaur could do!

Week 2 - Minibeasts 

This week the children explored all things Minibeasts! In the Literacy area, they drew and labelled their favourite minibeasts and completed puzzles to see the lifecycles of frogs and caterpillars. In the Maths area, the children sorted minibeasts and learned how to measure to make biscuits - which were then shaped into minibeasts and weather related objects. On Friday, the children made jelly and then explored different pieces of fruit with their senses - creating a vocabulary map with the language they used. Myself and Mrs. Swan were very impressed and also enjoyed the fruit cocktail the children had made! In the practical area, the children had fun painting their favourite minibeasts with watercolours and exploring symmetry. Outdoors, the children engaged in minibeast small world and explored the area to see if they could find any living minibeasts. Look at the pictures to see what they found!

Week 3 - Habitats

This week the children continued to learn about Minibeasts. They also learned about their habitats and explored them outdoors. In the Literacy area, they made their very own class book by drawing pictures and sharing their own understanding of Minibeasts through writing. In the Maths area, the children worked together to build number stories and used dice to make up their own number games. The children learned about halves and quarters when cutting up the Pizza that they had made. They have had lots of fun using their imagination to make up their very own Minibeast adventure stories featuring the insects they had made in the construction area! In other news, the children also learned about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We have all had so much fun!