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Spring 1

Literacy Area

In literacy, the children have been learning about the lives of Victorian children. The first session consisted of a role play where the children were introduced to the topic. They created a story map which helped them learn the non-chronological report off by heart. This then allowed them to write the non-chronological report independently. Within the second topic, 'riddles' they wrote their own riddle on their chosen animal.  


Maths Area

In maths, the children were focusing on 'number and place value'. They were learning about one more and one less from any given number between 0-100. Within the second topic, 'measures, mass and weights' the children were learning to estimate the weight of objects using balance scales. They were also learning to measure objects using a cm and a metre ruler. Within the last topic of Spring 1, the children were learning to identify and describe common 2D shapes.



The RE topics are: Special People and Meals. In the first topic 'Special People', the  children will have the opportunity to talk about special people in our community and understand that community is an essential and enjoyable part of life.

 Within the second topic, 'Meals' they will talk understand how being thoughtful for life, for people and gifts, is a vital part of relationships with one another.



The science topics are: materials and their properties and animals from hot and cold places.  The children have been learning about the ways in which the different materials can be changed. They carried out observations and experiments where they melted objects such as chocolate, and they also made predictions and wrote down their findings. Within the second topic on animals from hot and cold places, the children were looking at arctic animals and desert animals. They learnt about the features of the animals and how it helps them survive in their habitat.




The children have been learning about E-safety where they learnt about all of  the internet rules. Within this unit the children also learnt to enter information about heath and fitness onto a graph where they answers questions based on the  results on the graph.   



The children have learnt about the different dimensions of P.E where there has been more of a social focus. The session started with the Journey to the blue planet story. The children then focused on dynamic balance to agility where they created different movements such as jumping and gliding.




The children have been learning about the features of hot and cold places. This consisted of learnig about the clothes that worn in hot and cold places like Mexico and the Arctic. They learnt about the appearance, temperature and location of some hot and cold places as well as learning about the animals that live their.




Their has been an abstract at focus where the children have been sketching animals from hot and cold places, paying particular attention upon the colour, pattern and texture of the drawings. Within the last few sessions the children were painting by making repeating patterns to make a boarder for their Mexico flag.



The children have been exploring pitch by making a sequence of sounds using instruments  and by responding to actions. They have also composed their musical piece to the rhyme 'hickory dickory dock.'