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Religious Education

Welcome to our Year 2 R.E curriculum page! As this is a Catholic School, Religious Education at Saint Patrick's is provided in accordance with recommendations from the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  We follow the programme 'Come and See' throughout the school. The programme is developed through three themes - Church, Sacrament, Christian living.


In Year 2 the topics we study are:


  • Beginnings (God at every beginning)
  • Signs and Symbols (signs and symbols in Baptism)
  • Preparations (Advent; preparing to celebrate Christmas)
  • Books (The book used in Church)
  • Thanksgiving (Mass a special time for saying thank you to God for everything)
  • Opportunities Lent (an opportunity to start anew in older to celebrate Jesus’ new life)
  • Spread the word (Pentecost a time to spread the Good news)
  • Rules (Reasons for rules in the Christian family sacrament of reconciliation)
  • Treasures (God’s treasure the world)