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At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we use the Twinkl Reading Dogs to support our coverage of the National Curriculum’s statutory objectives. Over the course of the week, the children will participate in a Guided Reading session with an adult; complete an independent Reading activities and complete an independent Spelling, Puncutation and Grammar activity (SPaG).


As we progress throughout Y6 we aim to consolidate our reading skills by ensuring that we are able to accurately read aloud a wide range of poetry and books written at an age-appropriate interest level. We should be able to read most words effortlessly and work out the pronunciation of unfamiliar written words with increasing automaticity. If the pronunciation sounds unfamiliar, by the time we are in Y6 we should independently ask for help in determining both the meaning of the words and how to pronounce it correctly. 


We aim to ensure that we are able to read texts aloud with appropriate intonation to show our understanding. Additionally, we should be able to summarise and present a familiar story in our own words, we should be reading widely and frequently for pleasure and able to retrieve information, outside of school as well as in school. We should be able to read silently with good understanding and infer meanings of unfamiliar words when discussing what we have read. 


During Y6, we continue to expand our vocabulary through exposure to stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction and text books. We are given the opportunity to listen to books and other writing which exposes us to new vocabulary and grammatical structures. 


By the end of Y6, we ensure our reading is sufficiently fluent and effortless to support us with the demands of the Y7 curriculum, across all subjects, in order to enable us to learn subject-specific vocabulary. 

Knowledge organisers 

A Knowledge Organiser is a go-to document for a topic/unit of work: each one identifies the key information that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.


We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum, with each one starting with knowledge children should already know from previous learning.


Please refer to these documents to support home learning.