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In Y3, we aim to continue to develop the children’s reading skills, so that they can:

  • Read with increased pace and fluency
  • Develop positive attitudes to reading
  • Develop an understanding of what they read
  • Retrieve and record information from non-fiction texts
  • Participate in discussion about texts


Children participate in a daily reading lesson in school, completing a range of reading activities including a whole class reading session and a group guided reading session with a quality text that is at an appropriate level of challenge for them. 

Whole Class Guided Reading

Each week, children participate in a whole class guided reading session.  One text is read together through a mixture of: the teacher reading to the children, the children reading with the teacher and the children reading independently.   

During this time questions linked to a specific content domain are discussed and answered, with different question focuses each week.

Whole Class Reading

Small Group Guided Reading

Each week, children participate in a small group guided session with the teacher.  This allows opportunity to develop their reading and comprehension skills within a smaller group.  An appropriately levelled text is used with each group.  After reading, there is a guided comprehension focus.

Small group Guided Reading

Independent Work in Reading

Here, children have opportunity to practise their reading and comprehension skills independently.  They will complete a comprehension linked to the content domain taught within the whole class session each week.  Children also complete a reading task linked to their small group guided text, answering questions across all content domains.  

Independent Reading Activities

Reading Working Wall