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Religious Education

At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we use the Come and See Scheme for Religious Education. Each of our RE topics last for three weeks. Firstly, we 'Explore' new concepts and what we might already know; in 'Reveal' we learn new things and relate these to Church teachings and Sacred Scripture and in 'Respond' we celebrate all that we have learned. 


Year 4 RE topics:

Topic 1 - People;

Topic 2 - Called;

Topic 3 - Gift;

Topic 4 - Community;

Topic 5 - Giving and Receiving;

Topic 6 - Self-Discipline;

Topic 7 - New Life;

Topic 8 - Building Bridges;

Topic 9 - God's People.


Please see below some photographs of RE in Year 4.

Autumn 1: People

Autumn 2: Called



Spring 1: Community


Spring 1: Giving & Receiving


Spring 2: Self Discipline


Summer 1: New Life


Summer 1: Building Bridges


Summer 2: God's People