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PSHE&C in Year 5

PSHE in Year 5

Happy and Healthy Kids: Smoking Education


As part of our PSHE learning, Louise from HH Kids delivered a Smoking Education workshop. We learned about the dangers and damage of smoking, including the health and financial implications. 


“If you smoke, then your heart has to work harder and faster to pump blood around the body” – Matilda

“I didn't know that Carbon Monoxide - which is found in car exhausts - is in cigarettes” – Lexie

“It costs over £300 a month if you smoke twenty cigarettes a day and the price only seems to be going up!” – Oliver

Fulfilled Lives


During the first Autumn term, we completed a PSHE themed day based on 'Fulfilled Lives'. We discussed what we thought wealth was, its role in our lives and responsible spending.


Wellbeing Walks


Each day, the children take part in a welling walk around the local area, aimed at improving their physical and mental health. This allows children to have the chance relax and encourages them to take active breaks from studying.