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Our First Spring Topic ... All Creatures Great & Small!

Our third topic is:

'All Creatures Great & Small'


This half term we will be learning about animals, from tiny insect that we might find in our 'Bug Hotel' in the Nursery Garden to huge mammals we might find in the deep blue sea.

We will explore our Nursery surroundings to see which creatures we can spot and find out about animals that live in other places.


It is going to be a lot of fun!


Our learning will start with the pets we have at home and what might happen at the vets if our pets are poorly ... 

Pets At Home!

Sofia looking after her pet dog.

Sick Pets Visit The Pets!

Wiktor the vet!
Looking after a poorly snake.
The vets waiting room.
Isabelle at reception.
Bella the receptionist.
Giving Grace a leaflet full of pet information.
Joey giving a poor dog an injection.
Henry and Louie are receptionists.
Lacey-Rae has a very sick dog!

The Animal Boogie!