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Our First Autumn Topic is ... Knowing, Me, Knowing You!

Our first topic is:

                'Knowing Me, Knowing You!'


As well as settling in and finding out about our Nursery routines

we will be learning about ourselves and our families at home.

We will also be learning about being part of our school family and why we are all special.


How exciting!

Settling into the Nursery ...

Some Year 6 children came to visit us!
Playing a game ... matching everyday objects.
Learning to thread beads & sort colours.
Joey chose to paint himself.
Isabelle being Mum in the 'Home Corner'.
Patrick designing his own happy home.

Outdoor Learning!

Copying line patterns with Mrs Worthington.
Following the path.
Working together to clean the Mud Kitchen!
Working in the Mud Kitchen.
Fun on the scooter!
Sharing a bike.
Working together to rock the boat.
Playing follow the leader!
Waiting very patiently for a bike.
Up the hill!