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At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we use the Charanga Scheme to support our teaching of Music. Our topic, which is always centred around a well-known song, provides the introduction for a range of skills to be developed. So far this year, we have studied the following topics: 'Living on a prayer'; 'Make you feel my love' and 'Dancing in the street'. We have practised the following skills: composition, composing, playing, performing and evaluating. 

Music Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1: Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi. We evaluated the song and learned how to sign it.

"I enjoyed learning the sign language for the song!" Sophie


"We used our body to makes sounds in time with the backbeat of the song and in the same tempo." Dawny


"I think you would play the song when you are having a bad day and are feeling low on confidence." Lily