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Ms Louise Charnock

Louise Charnock Appointed


Parent Governor appointed 13th November 2022 to 12th November 2026.

Miss Charnock was reappointed to the Governing Body on 13th November 2022. As an Appointed Parent Governor she was appointed by the Head Teacher/Governing Board. Miss Charnock has no declarations of pecuniary interest and does not have a governance role at any other school.


I am a parent at St Patrick's and have also been a pupil so the school has been a part of my life for many years. I am proud to be a Parent Governor here.

I have been allocated EYFS as part of my responsibilities, this works well with my employment role as the manager at a local nursery. I am very approachable and friendly and have the best interests of the school, families and children at heart.



Governor Responsibilities- EYFS