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Moral Development


Children develop morally at St Patrick’s by developing and expressing personal views or values, investigating moral values, ethical issues, moral codes and models of moral virtue, recognising right and wrong and applying it and by understanding the consequences of their actions.



Throughout the school year we raise money for or pay a positive contribution to a variety of different charities such as the NSPCC, The Brick, Comic Relief, Children in Need, CAFOD, Theme Days, Nugent Care, Alzheimer's Society and Sports Relief.

The Brick

We have supported our local food bank by donating a variety of food items. Children and staff from across the school donated lots of items to 'The Brick'.

Children in Need

We have supported Children in Need by donating £1 and wearing our own clothes. As a school we have taken part in a variety of activities related to Pudsey.

Throughout the year the children take part in a variety of theme days. Children engage in Diversity Day, Team Building Day, Friendship Day, Love Day, Well Being Day and Social Responsibility Day.


Our new school diaries have lots of activities/guides to support Moral Development.

Displays reflect our moral, social, spiritual and cultural learning.