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History topics/themes

Our history teaching and learning takes place through different topics throughout the year.  As a school we use the Plan Bee scheme to help plan and deliver our lessons. The topics we will be covering in Y3 throughout this year are:

  • We Remember (Evacuation)
  • Prehistoric Britain (Stone Age through to the Iron Age)
  • Invaders and Settlers (The Romans)
  • What can we find out about Ancient Egypt?

We Remember

During this topic we will be focusing on the children who had to be evacuated during World War Two. We begin by finding out about why WWII happened and when it took place. Then we will find out about why people were evacuated during the war and what they had to take with them. After that we think about how the evacuee's may have felt about being evacuated by reading first hand accounts from real evacuees and a hot seating exercise. We end the week by imagining we are a child evacuee during the war and write our own letter home about our experience. 


Trip to Wigan Museum

Prehistoric Britain

In this topic the children learn what 'prehistory' means and about the three periods of prehistory in Britain. First they will look at the Stone Age and what life was like in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Periods. Then they will find out about how people lived during the Bronze Age. Finally, they will look at the Iron Age and what life was like for the Celts. 

Invaders and Settlers (The Romans)

During this topic the children will learn about who the Romans were and when and why they invaded Britain. They will find out about Roman armies and the type of armour and equipment that a Roman soldier would use. They will also find out about Boudicca and the Celts and what happened when they went into battle with the Romans. Finally they will look at what life was like in Roman Britain.