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D&T in Year 4

Textiles - Money Containers


In the summer term, the children were given a design brief to design and make a money container that can hold coins, notes and a credit card. The children first explored and researched different money containers to gain an understanding of their features. They then learned how to use a running stitch, an over stitch and a back stitch and developed their skills with these. The children designed their own money containers, taking into consideration the type of stitches they would need to use for different parts of their money container. The children then made their money container, decorated it and evaluated the effectiveness of their product.

Construction & Mechanisms - Fox Trap


In the summer term, after receiving a letter from our local farmer about foxes getting into his chicken coops, the children in Year 4 explored the difference between humane and inhumane animal traps. After understanding the features of a humane trap, they designed their own fox trap by taking into consideration the size of a fox and the food that would best lure it. The children used mitre and butt joints to make the frame of their humane trap. They explored camouflage and made a camouflage sheet for their trap, so that the fox would not be suspicious of the trap on the farm.