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Curriculum in Nursery

Our Nursery Curriculum is taught over our 3 school terms:

🍁 Autumn (September to December),

🌱 Spring (January to April) and

β˜€οΈ Summer (May to July)


Each of the 3 terms has two halves and each half term has an overarching topic:

🍁 Autumn Term 1:

         Knowing Me, Knowing You!

🍁 Autumn Term 2:

         People Who Help Us!

🌱 Spring Term 1:

         All Creatures Great & Small!

🌱 Spring Term 2:


β˜€οΈ Summer Term 1:

          Around The World 

β˜€οΈ Summer Term 2:

          We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!


As a school we understand the importance of keeping our children engaged in what they are learning and in Nursery this is achieved through the introduction of a new theme each week and by following our children's interests.

Not only does a weekly theme provide a new and exciting stimulus for learning but also helps staff promote and encourage both confidence and independence!

Our children are happy to take risks as they learn and often succeed in the challenges set out for them during focused activity work and within continuous provision.


Some of our Nursery themes include:

πŸ•·οΈ Nursery Rhymes

πŸ‘ƒ Senses

πŸŽƒ Pumpkins

πŸŽ† Fireworks

🐢 Pets & Vets

🐷 At the Farm

🦁 At the Zoo

🌱 New Life

✈️ Transport

πŸ¦– Dinosaurs

πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€ Space 

🏝️ At the Seaside

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