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Geography topics/themes

Our geography teaching and learning takes place through different topics throughout the year.  As a school we use the Plan Bee scheme to help plan and deliver our lessons. The topics we will be covering in Y3 throughout this year are:


  • Our European Neighbours
  • Eruption (Volcanoes)
  • In the Desert

Our European Neighbours

During this topic the children learn how to locate Europe on a world map as well as locating and naming different European countries. They will practise using an atlas to identify the capital cities of some European countries and try to match European flags to their countries. Finally they will compare the physical and human features of two major cities using a variety of sources. 


In this topic the children will learn all about volcanoes and how to locate and name famous volcanoes around the world. They will find out about how a volcano is created and the different parts of a volcano. They will learn about the three different types of volcanoes and how to describe what happens to a volcano when it erupts. At the end of this topic they will explore the physical and human features in volcanic areas and think about why people may choose to live there. 

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