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Class Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Collective Worship is a central, integral and daily part of the school day. Each week in school there is a theme that is the focus of our time of prayer. Collective Worship is structured using the following elements: Gather, Listen, Respond and Going Forth.


  • Gathering enables the arrival and welcome. A prayerful focus table is created and a hymn may be sung before making the Sign of the Cross. As the children progress through the school, they increase in responsibilities; setting up focus tables and leading worship.
  • Listening is the fundamental part of the session. During this time, we listen carefully to the Word of God, which takes various forms: Old/New Testament readings; Psalms or an extract from the Gospel. Scripture readings are well-chosen and relevant to the theme of the week.
  • Respond is an opportunity for children to prayerfully reflect and ponder on the Word they have heard. As the children advance through the school, these personal reflections /responses develop showing their depth in understanding.
  • Going Forth brings the time of prayer to a close. A variety of means are used, such as prayers and actions.

Collective Worship in Nursery

Collective Worship in Reception

Collective Worship in Year One

Collective Worship in Year Two

Collective Worship in Year Three

Collective Worship in Year Four

Collective Worship in Year Five

Collective Worship in Year Six