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Class Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Collective Worship is a central, integral and daily part of the school day. The Wednesday Word – a weekly Catholic Publication – is used to provide themes that are the focus of our time of prayer. Collective Worship is structured using the following elements: Gather, Listen, Respond and Going Forth.


  • Gathering enables the arrival and welcome. A prayerful focus table is erected and a hymn may be sung before making the Sign of the Cross. As the children progress through the school, they increase in responsibilities; setting up focus tables and leading worship.
  • Listening is the fundamental part of the session. During this time, we listen carefully to the Word of God, which takes various forms: Old/New Testament readings; Psalms or an extract from the Gospel. Scripture readings are well-chosen and relevant to the theme of the week.
  • Respond is an opportunity for children to prayerfully reflect and ponder on the Word they have heard. A task is then set - such as recording emotions, actions or reflections - enabling the children to engage with Scripture. As the children advance through the school, these personal response tasks develop to ensure depth in understanding.
  • Going Forth brings the time of prayer to a close. A variety of means are used, such as prayers and actions, to enable participants understand they are being sent forth to evangelise.