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Autumn Term 1

Week 1 - Starting School! 


It's our first week in Reception and this week we have enjoyed exploring the different learning areas, making new friends and learning our new daily routines. We have been learning all about ourselves and know that we are all special. We have shared our own names and now know our key workers and friends names. We have used a mirror to help us identify and explore our facial features and have investigated the shapes and colours that we could see. We have explored how colours can be changed by mixing them and how by mixing colours we can create different tones and shades. Through this learning, we have created own first self-portrait with paints. Our portraits have been displayed in our classroom to celebrate our work and to also welcome our visitors. The teachers are very proud of us and our parents and carers who have been very brave dropping us off on our first week of school! 

Week 2 - My Home and My Family!


This week we have been learning about ourselves, our home and our families. We have shared about our own home and family life in circle time. We have learned about the differences between our homes and families. We have drawn illustrations of the people most important to us and give meanings to our marks. We have looked at different types of houses and located where we live - most of us in Wigan. We have also talked about what we recognise in our community such as our church, the park, the swimming baths, Tesco and McDonalds. We have talked about the different parts of our house and how our family members and family routines make a house a home. We will also explore pets and how they become a big part of our family.We have painted pictures and built models of our homes and re-enacted our experiences of home in the outdoor role-play area alongside our friends. 

Week 3 - Happy, Healthy Me!


This week we have been learning about how to stay healthy. We have explored how having a healthy mind, body, teeth and eating a balanced diet can help us to live a happy and healthy life. We have talked about our feelings and how we can deal with them. We have enjoyed yoga and have explored the different ways we can be active in the outdoor environment. We have talked about brushing our teeth and why looking after our teeth is so important. We have grouped fruits and vegetables and also packed a healthy and an unhealthy lunchbox and talked about the differences. Some of the children have told us that since this weeks learning they have been choosing fruits and vegetables for their snack. Wow!

Week 4 - Being Clean!


This week we have been learning about the importance of being and keeping clean. We have learned about germs and how they can get on and into our bodies. We have continued to learn the steps of hand washing and continue to put this in action during the school day. We have watched video demonstrations of how to clean our teeth properly and talked about our own experiences. We have discussed keeping ourselves clean after using the toilet. We have also talked about bath/shower time and reenacted our routines in role play with the dolls. We have also talked about what we need to do to keep our home and school clean. Our teachers have been moving our names up on the star chart if we have been looking after our classroom environment by hanging our cardigans on our pegs, tidying away properly at the end of sessions and washing our hands. They are very proud of us.


Week 5 - My Senses

Week 6 - Judaism

Week 7 - Autumn/Pumpkins