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Autumn 2 - Rivers

Autumn Term 2- Rivers

Below you will find the details of your fourth homework project.


Our new topic is called ‘Rivers’.


In this topic will be looking at: the different rivers around the world, the water cycle, industrial use of rivers, river collages (art), the water wheel and cities situated next to rivers.


For this terms homework project, the children will be challenged to create a handmade project based on one of the above areas. They will need to use their knowledge gained from lessons in school and research at home to assist them making their projects.


Here are some ideas which children might want to use:

  • Create their own river collage (research different artists)

  • Create a model of a river, including key features and uses.

  • Create their own version of the water cycle.

  • Create a globe with all major world rivers included.

  • Create a model/information poster on a famous city which has a river flowing through it (include how the city uses the river)


Your project should be your own work (help from parents is fabulous and encouraged but the project is yours).

It has NOT to be pages printed directly/ copied straight from the Internet/ books (these are brilliant for research but please write in your own words).