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Autumn 2

The African Adventure


This topic will focus upon geography, we will explore the continent of Africa and plan a trip, taking into account the differing time zones, to an area within the continent in order to explore the human and physical features within one of the major cities. We will use our mapping skills to name and locate the lines of longitude and latitude, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and finally to locate the largest desert in the world.


In art and D&T, we will create an African mask, paying careful consideration to the use of visual and tactile elements. We will carefully plan our design in order to create a mask which is open to interpretation by the audience.


In reading we will continue to consolidate our key skills skills such as: fact retrieval, inference, word meaning and summarising. We will also practise justifying our opinions via point evidence explain.


In writing we will explore a rags to riches tale through the story of The Egyptian Prince. We will also explore a newspaper report during our non-fictional writing.


During our maths lessons we will compare and order fractions, use common factors to simplify fractions and use common multiples to express fractions in the same denomination. We will continue to work upon consolidating our understanding of all four operations.


In science we will learn all about evolution and inheritance and explore the life of Charles Darwin.


We will become mighty movers, dynamic dancers and continue to learn about a healthy body during our games sessions.