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Autumn 2


Week 1- Guy Fawkes

This week the children looked at the history behind why we celebrate Bonfire Night. They learned about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. The children enjoyed creating Firework Paintings and building representations of the Houses of Parliament in Outdoor provision.




Week 2 – Poppies

This week the children learned about the importance of remembering our past and present service men and women. The children created beautiful artwork representing The Poppy Fields, using a range of media and materials. The children also explored 2Simple programmes and made Poppy art. Great job!

Week 3 – People Who Help Us

This week the children continued learning about all the People in their local communities who help us. They took the roles of Doctors, Nurses, Police and Firefighters in their play both indoors and outdoors. They enjoyed painting pictures of the vehicles who belong to the people who help us and making ramps around the fire station with the wooden blocks. 

Week 4 – Superheroes

This week the children created some fantastic writing, describing their favourite Superheroes and talking about their different Super Powers. The children also engaged in Superhero play both indoors and outdoors. They used their super powers to complete number challenges and helped to rescue the frozen superheroes!

Week 5, 6 & 7 – Christmas

The children learned all about The Nativity Story. They listened to the story and looked at the different characters and how they were important to Jesus. The children performed The Nativity Play for their parents and every child had a part to play.

The children enjoyed Breakfast with Santa on their last week of term.