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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 in Year 1


Throughout this term, the children in Year 1 have been focusing on the story of Beegu.  The children have practised a range of skills during this topic, including the use of question marks, the use of the conjunction 'and' and the use of adjectives to describe a character.







This term, Year 1 have covered a range of topics including:

  • Shape
  • Place Value and Number
  • Fractions
  • Capacity
  • Money
  • Time




This term, Year 1 have been learning all about the past in our topic 'Grandfather's Chest'.  We began by finding out about the toys that were played with in the past and we looked at the different toy 'crazes' over time.  We then identified how homes have changed over time and compared our school to other schools in history.  Following this, we then looked at the clothing fashions worn in history and compared these to our clothes today.  We found out about popular music in history and looked at how entertainment has changed through the years.



We Remember:

Remembrance Theme Week

Another of our focuses in Cross-Curricular this term was WWI.  Firstly, we began this topic by researching key questions that we had including when the war happened in history, why the war began and where the war took place.  We discussed other key days that occur each year and we identified why Remembrance Day is a an important and special event in our annual calendar.  We looked at the uniform of a WWI soldier and even explored old items of clothing that belonged to a real soldier during WWI.  Finally, we visited our town's own War Memorial and shared a quiet moment to reflect and pray for those affected by WWI.



Christmas Around the World:


This term, Year 1 also explored how Christmas is celebrated differently around the world and as a year group we focused on Christmas celebrations in Sweden.  We researched the celebration of St Lucia's Day on December 13th in Sweden and discovered why her life is celebrated by the Swedish people.  We then created some artwork of St Lucia using the information we had found.  Then, we looked at popular Christmas traditions in Sweden such as the straw goat that people flock to see in the city of Gävle and the creation of small wooden ornaments used to decorate Swedish Christmas trees.Finally, we tasted foods that Swedish people eat during this festive period and compared these to the foods that are eaten in the UK. 


During our Remembrance Theme Week this term, we used instruments to compose and perform our own pieces of music to represent the different stages of WWI: when the soldiers were first sent to fight for their country, when the war began, when some soldiers lost their lives and when the war was finally over.


Poppy Art Week

During this week, we created our own poppy artwork to remember the soldiers and people affected by WWI.  We created our poppies by tearing paper and card to create a collage effect, by using different materials and using paints and tools to add texture to our background


Advent Wreaths

When learning about Advent, we used our tearing and collage skills to create our own Advent Wreaths. 

Religious Education

This term, the children in Year 1 focused on the topic of Belonging.  We began by exploring what is means to 'belong' and we discussed the different clubs, groups and families that we belong to.  We thought about what it means to belong to St Patrick's Catholic Primary School and how it feels to belong here.  Our topic then revealed how through the Sacrament of Baptism, a person belongs to the Church family and God's family.  Father O'Shea came to visit us during this topic to show us how this Sacrament is carried out in Church and we listened to the words and phrases used in Baptism.  We then responded by reflecting on our learning during this topic and creating and sharing our own Collective Worship to celebrate and bring to an end this topic.  



Another focus in RE this term was the topic of Waiting.  We began by exploring the act of waiting and discussed and reflected on times that we have had to wait.  Our topic then revealed how during the time of Advent, we wait for the birth of Jesus.  We looked at symbols of advent including the advent wreath.  We discussed the meaning of each of the four candles and learned that as each candle is lit, it reminds us that we are waiting and counting down the weeks until Jesus arrives. We then responded by reflecting on our learning during this topic and creating and sharing our own Collective Worship to celebrate and bring to an end this topic.