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Autumn 2

Blast from the Past - Autumn 2


Literacy Area

In literacy, the children will be writing a 'Rags to riches' tale based on the traditional tale 'Cinderella'. They will be creating a story map for our new narrative, which the will learn by heart with words and actions.


Maths Area

In maths, the children will focus 2D and 3D shapes, number and place value, fractions, measures, capacity and volume and measure and money.



The RE topics are: Special People and Meals. In the first topic 'Special People', the  children will have the opportunity to talk about special people in our community and understand that community is an essential and enjoyable part of life.

 Within the second topic, 'Meals' they will talk understand how being thoughtful for life, for people and gifts, is a vital part of relationships with one another.





On the computers, the children will learn how to design a card on a 2Simple program.



The children will be working on a firework dance using equipment, moving to music and copying different dance static and motion movements.



The children will travel to the Sir Thomas Woodcock Memorial and watch a clip of our Year 5 children talking about it on the news.


The children will learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. This will be followed by lessons discussing how things have changed since they were born and what questions they may want to ask parents about their school experience to discover the differences. Children will compare how Saint Patrick's School has changed since the 1970s and 1980s. This topic will finish by comparing Saint Patrick's Year 1 experience for Mrs Mailey with Year 1 today.



The children will work on 2D art, sketching using two different grades of pencils. They will paint pictures of the artefacts they explore in History. The children will explore Primary and Secondary colours and what happens when we mix certain colours together.



The children will learn to make different sounds using instruments. They will change the sound and make a sequence of sounds. The children will be able to identify changes in sounds. They will be able to repeat short, rhythmic and melodic patterns.