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Autumn 1 - WW1

Autumn 1 - Wigan in World War 1

Below you will find the details of your first homework project.

Our new topic is ‘Wigan in World 1’. In Cross curricular this term we will be looking at the First World War exploring all aspects from Key events to daily lives.

Your challenge is to research all about how Wigan was involved in the Great War from 1914-1918. You can share your research any way you like. It may be a piece of art or collage work, a model, make your own booklet, a poster or a piece of writing. You may want to make your project a mixture of these. It’s up to you. You may also like to make a piece of art to celebrate the end of the war, as this year marks 100 years since the end of conflict.



Although projects only have to be completed by the above date, we do suggest that you work on your project every week. Below are some ideas to help you/guide you with your research.


  • Were any of your family members involved in WW1? If so which regiment were they in? Where did they travel to? What was their job in the war?

  • Who was Thomas Woodcock VC? A clue is to look in the foyer of the infant building.

  • Why do we wear poppies in November?

  • What are Pals Battalions?

  • Why were tanks an important in WW1?

  • Officers vs Soldiers

  • Newspaper articles/propaganda

  • Research the artist Paul Nash and create your own art in his style.


Your project should be your own work

(help from parents is fabulous and encouraged but the project is yours).

It is NOT to be pages printed directly/ copied straight from the Internet/ books

(these are brilliant for research but please write in your own words).