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Autumn 1


The first topic of Come and See is called 'People'. In this topic we will look at our own and Jesus' family tree. We will share stories about Ruth, King David and Abraham.

We will then spend one week looking at another faith- Judaism. The focus of this will be the Torah Scroll and will involve a visit from Mr Cohen.

We will begin the next topic before half term- 'Called'. We will share stories and look at ~ The Call of David and Samuel, The Call of the Apostles, The Sacrament of Confirmation and The Baptismal Promises. This topic will be continued after half term.


Our first topic is a history topic called Ancient and Loyal. In this topic we will be looking at the English Civil War with focus on the Battle of Wigan Lane. We will be looking at timelines, artefacts and other historical sources.


The first topic in Science is'Animals including Humans'. In this topic we will cover ~digestion and the digestive system, animal diets, teeth and tooth decay, producers, predators and prey and food webs.


Our first art topic is 'printing'. We will be looking at crests, seals and coats of arms- researching and sketching. Then we will design our own seal or coat of arms before finally using blocks and/ or stamps to print the seal on different materials.


The first music topic is 'Our Community'. In this topic we will use the song 'Jerusalem' to look at changes through time. We will compose and perform msuic inspired by our local community- past and present.


Our first computing topic is 'Algorithms and Programs'. We will be using the software 'Scratch' to design and produce our own computer programmes.


The focus of the first half terms PE is 'Gymnastics'. We will be following sets of rules to produce our own sequences, developing changing speeds and direction, as well as improving our accuracy in creating shapes and controlled actions- both on the floor and apparatus.


We will begin the year by focusing of place value, mental addition and subject strategies, written addition and subtraction strategies, shape and mental multiplication and division.

Writing (including SPAG)

Our first focus in writing is imaginative stories using the book 'The Hole' by Oyvind Torseter. We will then look at recount texts using 'Little Mouse's big book of Fears' by Emily Gravett as a stimulus. Through this we will focus our SPAG on nouns, verbs, adverbs and the use of an apostrophe for possession.


We will begin the year by sharing a book together within each group. We will then focus our guided reading sessions around this book. Children will each choose their own accelerated reading book to be read both in school and at home.